Saturday, February 8, 2014


I am thinking of using pastel or water color.
And the sketch is about sharing sweet pudding or ice cream.

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  1. Mmmm nothing like sharing a dessert to spell love.
    I think this piece could use some context as well.
    I like the focus being on the spoons with the treat on it, because you're choosing not to show the figures, but where are they at?
    Is it a charming cafe where they're on a date?
    Maybe it's a couple sharing a sundae at a cute soda shop.
    Right now, since you're restricted by the assignment not to show hearts or other bits, I think showing the gesture through the spoons will be your emphasis.
    So showing either where the spoons come from, hands, what those hands look like and how the spoons are held, will say a lot about the moment.
    Maybe the ice cream is gigantic, and they've got to finish it off between the two of them?
    Back out a bit more, don't be afraid to show a little hand. But looking cute!
    Take care and hope that you have a great weekend!