Monday, January 31, 2011

Not expected

I forgot to upload this to the blog.

Saturday, January 29, 2011

like finding a penis in a haystack...

this is my sketch.
i thought maybe people would look at it and be like
"aw cute, food. oh wait. thats not what i expected.."
so, most people read left to right, so the penis would be one of the last images they would see.

the first one is the grayscale and the second is just a cleaned up version of the line drawings, so everything would be more clear.
any comments would be appreciated.
~anna c.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Thats not what I expected

Deep sea adventure gone terribly wrong.

Unexpected Pinup

i'm kinda still wondering if i should do anything with the background - so i'm open to suggestions

Golden Ocean

A common spiritual metaphor describes each individual as a drop of water within the Ocean of God. The ocean is warm, embracing, vitalizing, made of pure love. You immediately recognize these boundless waters as your true home.

"Water can also be understood as the world of manifest reality. It reflects the light of enlightenment. In fact, that is the purpose of manifesta
tion. But while that reflection appears to be real, it is found to be fleeting, changing, ultimately intangible".

Well, THAT'S not what I expected

My idea was about not getting your hair done the way you had wanted. I need to work on the expression and the hands.

Well THAT'S not what I expected!

by Laura Miller

You can't choose your also can't choose your babies!
There's more texture and detail I want to add to the environment. I didn't know if I should loose the door in the background. I thought it could be interesting and add more of a sense of depth if there was some discretely rendered hospital action taking place in the hallway but I don't know if it's working or not.

sorry its really bad quality, i dont have access to a scanner right now so im using a picture. i will scan and post it as soon as possible. the one baby that has a dark blotch on it is a monster with like 7 eyes and horns and lots of sharp teeth.

Unexpected Assignment

Even pirates can spend a quiet evening at home (er, sea) with a Jane Austen novel and a cup of tea. All that wenching and pillaging really wears you out.
- Jayne Steiger


The scanner did some funky things to this image. The negative space has more shadow and smoke from the female's cigarette.Even so, it still is pretty empty . Also, seeing the sketch on screen instead of on paper really changes how I perceive it. And in a bad way. I know for the next skecth I'm going to play more with the composition as well as the female's expression. Seeing it on screen makes me realize it doesn't convey the story I'd like it to. And the hand. So many sketches of that hand and it still looks jank.

Man, it's like holding a painting up to a mirror and realizing it just looks totally wrong. What does everyone else think?

Well thats not what I expected! ( michele feldmann)

Just what every girl wants to find under her bed a gnome smoking a pipe

mermaids in space?!
Angie Kwon

an unexpected pizza

I've gotten some really awesome suggestions for other things I could do with this piece, but I was curious on the feedback from this one first :) Some of the concerns I had were does the narrative work, and is the composition too busy/not busy enough or too scattered?

Thats Not What I Expected (Albert Young Kim)

Christmas gifts are our forever-loving precious gifts. However one day, the baby opened its present and a baby-devil pops out when the puppy should be there! Somehow it got in and ate the puppy! This baby made itself a surprising new friend.

Well that's not what I expected..

One thing led to another and then...

Paracat - Definitely NOT what he expected.

One can't be too careful when jumping out of planes, lest we mistakenly pack our house cat instead of a parachute. 
I'd like to hear back if the narrative style of this is working and if you have any suggestions to make it flow more smoothly. 
-Sarah Robbins

Well...THAT'S not what I expected...

Nothing like bringing a dinosaur to your class's Show-n-Tell to make an awesome impression...I'm pretty sure no one expected that.

Well That's Not What I Expected

Oh goodness, she just birthed a half human, half fox child in her living room...

Well, THAT'S not what I expected

The main concept of my sketch is a priest, or in this case the pope, giving a sermon but he's not wearing any pants... because I wouldn't expect that.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Illustration sketch

I decided to change to character to Lil Jon.  I'm having trouble choosing values.  My intentions are to keep it super simple in terms of the values.  I know it should be darker, but for some reason I can't seem to figure out a "value scheme".  Alot of the details are here but there's still a few little details I haven't sketched in, like possibly a "batman quilt design".  But that's minor to me right now.  Any tips, suggestions?