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Environments as character sketches!






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Oh this is awkward, I thought today was Wednesday... 

This is my Fear assignment.

I was suppose to pick an article from, and use watercolor.
I picked "Science Explains What Really Causes the Munchies," and the article explained that THC mess with your sense of smell by testing this theory with lab mice.

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Fear : Digital Cityscape with three buildings

"Fear" Assignment

Medium: Acrylic
Subject: Find an article on to illustrate for inclusion in their print magazine

Title of the article : 
Why It's Getting Harder to Sue Illegal Movie Downloaders

Jewel Thieves

Prompt: A boy and his dog with focus on point of view and composition. Digital.

Fear Assignment

Medium: Acrylic

Subject: Mostly empty room, with two objects in it; the room has a window through which we can see a landscape.

Fear Final

I am afraid to draw feet and use watercolor.
I never used gouache before, so I asked Dana if I can use it for this project.

I drew two kids playing at the playground. I used toothbrush to make the dirt texture. Also, someone mentioned that I should try giving different weights to the line. Therefore, I used brush pen to draw outlines. I liked using gouache. Using brush pen was a bit difficult.

Fear of Gouache

Medium: Gouache
Assignment: At least 3 people doing something in a specific environment

Fear Assignment

Medium: Gouache
Subject: Mostly empty room, with two objects inside

This was actually really fun! I feel a lot better using gouache now, though I want to practice a lot more with it.

Fear Assignment

Medium: Acrylics
Subject: Mostly empty room, with two objects (stuffed panda and bed), and a window to a landscape

Kind of took some liberties with the window, and made it a portal, more representative as to what this was like for me. I can't paint to save my life. It's like my own personal hell.

Fear Final

Guache, Narrative still life.

Fear assignment

Medium : Gouache....
Subject: at least two old people over 65..

I am not fond of drawing old people because they are so easy to mess up.
And Gouache is so hard to use.....:(
I decided to do old couple wedding.

Fear Final

Cityscape done in Gouache.

Geppi's Sketches

I went to Geppi's today because I had house stuff on Saturday!

Fear Assignment

I never do anything digitally and I typically hate political cartoons so that was my assignment. This is based off of an article from about Elizabeth Warren (D) and Marco Rubio (R) recently passing a bill protecting veterans from scammers hiding under the guise of "Veteran's Assistants"

Fear - Final Illustration

Digital Narrative Still Life
I have never worked digitally before, it was scary but overall a good experience.

Fear Final Work

My fear was trying some realistic things with pencil.
Also I am not friendly with pencil...
Pencil drawing was boring and hard to me, so I tried to overcome it by add my favorite subject: an owl in the jar.

Fear Final Illustration

My subject was an children's illustration involving a bear, a goat, a meerkat, and a penguin chick in watercolor.

Fear Assignment

gouache still-life with patterned objects

Fear Assignment

Medium: Acrylic
Prompt: A narrative image centered around the feet of at least 2 people; with a specific light source.

Fear Final

Medium: Digital
Prompt: Cityscape

I decided to stick to the grayscale for my first digital attempt.
Also when I saved it as a jpeg, I feel that it came out a bit darker and some areas weren't as smooth.

Fear Final

Medium: watercolor (and I got kind of excited about the texture I could achieve with colored pencils)
Prompt: three people in a specific environment.

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Geppi's by Sara


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