Tuesday, September 29, 2009


Almost done. Just going to change the chef's expression and add more lights and darks

Sunday, September 27, 2009

3 Word Illustration - Part 2

I didn't see the more recent critiques on my old one until after I finished coloring... And the scanner's color is slightly off compared to the actual image. The tiger is much brighter and the ring's striped wall is actually red and blue, not brown and blue.

I do understand what people were saying about the whip not coming across as a whip, but I honestly didn't realize that until after I colored. I also know that the whip is really dark in comparison to everything else; does anybody have any ideas on how to lighten it up? It's colored pencil, and I've tried erasing and using white colored pencil over it, but it didn't really work.

As for the technique I used: watercolor was put down for the sand and wall, and then colored pencil on the tiger/smoke/whip, with watercolor over that and then some more colored pencil over that.

Oink, Burp, Rip

I think once the color is added then "Rip" will be more obvious, since you'll be drawn more to the red polkadot underwear. I also hope to add a brightly colored background.

But this would be for a culture magazine, something like "Vice" where they would be lenient with the cop/pig reference. I guess I just wanted to find a different way to show "oink" than just drawing an actual pig! Any suggestions encouraged!

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Slurp Clink Whack


Here's my attempt at my Illustration sketch. My words are Slurp, Clink, and Whack

It's unrefined in parts but this is the general idea. I'm portraying a golf resort that happens to have a lovely bistro in the back. A stretch but whack is kind of a tough one to mix into the food things. Obviously my portrayal is supposed to more funny but i'm not sure about it yet. I like clink and whack, but i feel like the kid 'slurping' his soup in the back is an after thought.

I'm totally unsure if i want to redraw the final or simply transfer it, so go all out if you don't like anything (composition, anatomy, ect ect.) I'm worried about it getting too central, and i feel like my details are getting overly tiny and are going to drive me crazy in the color stage.

Speaking of color, markers or watercolor (+ possibly colored pencil overtop?)

Sound Project

Alright. So, sorry for the delay in me figuring this out, I discovered that every plug in reachable distance to the internet connection is now broken... and in addition, my apartment building has really unreliable maintenance staff. So now that everything is... on an extension cord, I'd love it if anyone would have any input on two of my thoughts for this project. Please forgive the horrible job getting these in. My scanner had a tantrum so I tried to take pictures but I also have a half-broken camera, so both aren't giving good image quality. This should be enough to ask my question though.
My words are meow, pop, and burp . I'm having trouble with how to convey burping, especially since I didn't really want it to be set in a place with food (if anyone has any suggestion to that, I would really appreciate it). So I have two very different results with similar problems. I have to play with facial features, maybe get someone to belch for me a few times, but my main interest is in what people think is working out better? The birthday party or the truck stop? I'm still tinkering with some compositional elements (and exaggerations of forms/positions etc), as well as another composition idea, but this is the main idea of what will be in it for these two.

Any thoughts or comments are appreciated

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Hey guys, here's a preliminary sketch for next week's water color hw. once again scaner stinks so it should be a little bit darker, but still i am gonna do another sketch this wont be the final layout. My words are Burp, Slurp, and Rip. I hope the scene comes off as a diner, in the next sketch i'll add more props like pepper shakers, ketchup bottles, fries, etc. Also i'll define the arms and hands better too . But composition-wise I am thinking of just putting the main dude and his table next to the window since there is a lot of open space there. also the guy opening his bag is cramped, and since there is a bleed im defintiely moving him farther to the left, but still leave him slightly cropped out. Also, since the piece is watercolor, i was thinking of making the tile colors a pattern of primary colors + white. Finally, i wasnt sure if bubbles are iconic for a burp, if not i can always do stinky lines, and make them green or something.

comments and suggestions welcomed and appreciated

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Sketch for "3 Word" Illustration

This is my sketch for the project that is due for next week. I'm looking for feedback on it, whether it be from a conceptual, an anatomical, or a compositional standpoint. My words were "meow", "growl", and "poof". I have a large cat (tiger) who usually growls, but is being tamed by a circus ringleader, so he meows instead. The "poof" is where the foggy smoke comes in. I would be submitting this to a culture magazine.

this is a water color i did in my sketch book. i did pen and ink underneath and sleep depribed painted it last night because id missed some color

Tuesday, September 22, 2009


well, I haven't posted yet, but apparently I have to. While we are on the topic of watercolor, here is a wet on wet hummingbird I did. I used some dots of masking fluid on the eye... I think I used some other places too and then did some more washes over them so they aren't pure white.

This is another thing. I don't remember all the techniques I used, but I think salt and a paper towel were involved.

Row Houses

While researching row houses for my final "safe zone" illustration, I came across some creepy images I thought I'd share.

Monday, September 21, 2009

I am almost done, but here is what I have so far. I am going to make some things darker.

Hopkins Scholars!

This is where I sit with my editorial Illustration of the Hopkins Students. I'm kinda freaking out about the way their skin reads. I used Micron and am kicking myself since you can see all the lines of the pen as this odd texture that I'm not digging. I am going to try and go a over it once if not a couple more times to smooth that out.

I have a ways to go on my background textures but am feeling confident.

New 8x8 Sketch!

Between class and my car I somehow lost my other large sketch, so here it is again, it's not too much different. I combined my very first sketch with my second to make this third version. Most of the shading and dark outline is going to be up front, on the shoe and flowers, so the background can recede.

Does it still look like a giant shoe to anyone? I'm hoping line weight and detail are enough to just make it look close. Feedback appreciated!

Sketch Plunders

Hi There. These really aren't as 'post-quality' as I would like, but I could definitely use the feedback. First off we have my crappy little 6x6 Urbanite fortune cookie spot Illustration. My fortune was "Diligence is the mother of good fortune."

This here is the revised version, I'm much more pleased with it, but also wondering if I should change anything before I attack it with ink. Any thoughts on this would be greatly appreciated. The concept is that the performer here trained dillegently for her gold medal and that these figures (which I will fade out when inking) represent her past work with her good fortune in the foreground. Obviously I need to tone down those figures a lot before i finish, but otherwise, any thoughts (especially anatomy wise)?

Lastly we have my editorial illustration assignment. This is not turning around as nice as I would like. I feel like the basketball players are dominating less of the composition and by bringing the yoga people in I'm focusing more on the meat of the article but the composition seems halved to me, there are crazy issues with perspective, and all sorts of other anomalies. Any suggestions on how to fix this?

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Pre-Ink Version of Article Illustration

This is my illustration with the marks and shading, I would like some feedback on it. I plan to do both ink wash and pen markings. The image is a little fuzzy around the middle because my scanner isn't that big and I had to piece it together in photoshop.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

illustration criticism

Hey here's my draft for the editorial illustration project. It should be darker but my scanner sucks so please keep that in mind. Feedback is welcomed and appreciated.

Btw I had the Carrollton Ridge article to put this in context.