Saturday, September 26, 2009

Sound Project

Alright. So, sorry for the delay in me figuring this out, I discovered that every plug in reachable distance to the internet connection is now broken... and in addition, my apartment building has really unreliable maintenance staff. So now that everything is... on an extension cord, I'd love it if anyone would have any input on two of my thoughts for this project. Please forgive the horrible job getting these in. My scanner had a tantrum so I tried to take pictures but I also have a half-broken camera, so both aren't giving good image quality. This should be enough to ask my question though.
My words are meow, pop, and burp . I'm having trouble with how to convey burping, especially since I didn't really want it to be set in a place with food (if anyone has any suggestion to that, I would really appreciate it). So I have two very different results with similar problems. I have to play with facial features, maybe get someone to belch for me a few times, but my main interest is in what people think is working out better? The birthday party or the truck stop? I'm still tinkering with some compositional elements (and exaggerations of forms/positions etc), as well as another composition idea, but this is the main idea of what will be in it for these two.

Any thoughts or comments are appreciated


  1. I think i personally like the birthday-gone-amiss idea better but that could just be me. I think both could use some stronger arrangements though, both of them have the figure pretty much in the middle and a lot of things are on the same plane.

    Burp is a hard word to convey (glad I didn't get it) and i'm not quite sure where you have it in these, but maybe perhaps you could maybe even consider personifying the animals a little more and making them act it out? (like have a dog eating a cake or something?)

    Just out of curiosity, what sort of magazine are you going for in these?

  2. i like the birthday party one personally. to convey burping you could draw someone holding a soda can in one hand and thumping their chest with the other along with the distorted facial expression that often comes with burping. just a thought