Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Thursday, November 22, 2012

POV Process + Long-term project

I need to finish the redo for the final sketch of the last one, with the giant looking down. I'm also wavering on whether or not I want to add a black outline.

This is what I have so far for my long-term project, redesigning some specialty Maryland license plates. I have another two that I need to scan and finish: dragon boats and a raven silhouette.

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Autumn Lynn: Bird, Worm and Mine sketches

I am not happy with how my sketches turned out what so ever so I'll be working on them for a bit more.  I was thinking for my narrative about a ballerina that always practices until her feet bleed. As for the execution, I was trying to go for a looser style than my usual to fit more with the delicate nature of dancers.

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Pyle Figures

Morgan Bickmore

Pyle of Art

I know it's five minutes late but my camera jammed at the last second I'm really sorry!

EDIT:  I chose to place the figures from the final pose in a speakeasy.  For the final draft I think I'll try working digitally in sepia tones.  After a second look, I think I need to add more darks in some places, too.  Also, sorry for posting it sideways.

Pyle Project

For this project I decided to depict the revolutionary war soldier. I'm planning to use watercolor, and colored pencil for the final.

Final Sketch

I plan on using watercolor for this piece. I want to use warm colors in the background with the sunset, and a lot of blues and greens in the foreground on the ship.

Pyle of Art

Final sketches- Pyle

In Class Gesture:

Final Sketch:

I plan on using gouache for the characters and details of the rink and a light watercolor wash for the background

Pyle of Art - Final Sketch: Autumn Bartels

Thought I'd go for a hero vs. villain setting on a rooftop.  Going to be done in ink.

Pyle of Art - sketch

For my piece I have created two knights battling each other in front of a mountain range backdrop. The background looks a little flat right now, But I'm going to liven it up when I add color in the final.

Mucha Style Illustration

Aubrey Beardsley

Illustrator: Aubrey Beardsley I attempted to capture the simplicity and easy motion, using his proportioning and fine detail. (second shot is to clarify details)

Edmund Dulac Peice

Morgan Bickmore
Edmund Dulac

Fortunino Matania

Inspired by Matania's illustration, Barmaids

Austin Briggs Illustration

E.H. Shepard

For my drawing, I decided to choose an already existing scene that Shepard uses in multiple pieces and add my own plot to it.  I decided to go on the idea of Christopher Robin leaving Pooh behind on the bridge as he grew older.

Pyle of Art

Anticipated colored pencil. Shadows and lines are all in though.

Pyle Final Sketch

Sketch and Final Sketch

Quentin Blake Illustration!

For my illustration I chose one of my favorite artists, Quentin Blake. I did several re-dos of this project, but each one just didn't seem "right". 

I finally realized what I was doing wrong- Blake's work is almost always published in black and white unless he was doing a cover, so it looked strange in color. Also, I noticed that my technique and characters looked too "neat"; Blake often scratched in figures and painted  energetically outside lines.

With that in mind, here is my final:

Joe Kubert Illustration

For this illustration I tried to mimic his really sketchy style where he uses graphite and white colored pencil on toned paper.

For my paper, I researched Ben Shahn, an illustrator from the early to mid twentieth century. His work focused largely on social issues, especially during the Great Depression where he also worked as a photographer for the government. One of his more famous pieces is a portrait of Martin Luther King, Jr. done for Time magazine, so for my piece I tried to emulate that style and depict Barack Obama.
This is the Time Magazine cover.

 This is the line work for Obama.

This is after applying the wash. I don't think I'm as good as Ben Shahn was, but it was an interesting technique to play around with. The wash in Shahn's piece seems to be dabbed on rather than painted so I used a sponge to apply the wash.

Researching Shahn's work was fascinating; the era of illustration he comes from is much different compared to the field today. The social awareness and power of his work makes today's work seem almost ornamental and extravagant.


For my research project, I choose to talk about Herge, the creator of the Tintin comic strips. 
My aim for this illustration is to mimic the overall style of his works including clean design, monotone, and movement.
This is done on 13x6in. illustration board with ink and watercolor.

H Pyle piece

Final sketch for the Howard Pyle piece, done with ink on 9x12in. paper.
I use different in-class sketches and put them together in space..and I am going to push more values in order to create contrast and the clarity of the time setting.

Howard Pyle Assignment : 
On the left is my final sketch and on the right is my in class sketch from the models... 
I plan on using neon inks and pen / colored pencil ... the background will be set in a more muted colored skatepark since the two figures are skater boys

Illustrator Research Project:
The Illustrator I chose was Corinne Malvern, she illustrated many children's books which is why I chose to illustrate two young girls.  I tried to keep the same energy and liveliness that she has in her artwork while still maintaining my own style. I incorprated small details, patterns, and flowers since she included that in most of her art as well. I tried to have a similar color palette that she would usually use in her work.

(sorry for the lofi pics, don't have a scanner)

Peyo Illustration

For my project, I chose the comic book artist Peyo, and did a self-portrait as a Smurf.

Monday, October 29, 2012

Edward Gorey: Autumn Bartels

I chose Edward Gorey as my illustrator and I decided to try to follow his Victorian macabre theme.

Final Sketch- Pyle Project

Apologies, it's not the best photo since I gave away the batteries in my digital camera earlier, and I don't have access to a scanner.
I'm planning on doing the cross-hatching in micron and then maybe come in with some light watercolor (possibly, or just in select areas).
I need to fix the angle of the bottom of the pier, as well as the guy on the right's right arm (his right, our left).

Pyle Project Rough Draft

-adding a crest to the red shield
-watercolor and ink
-bringing red knight's sword out in front of the shield (makes more sense, and its how it should be actually)
- more value and drama and richness of color.
- background needs work.

John Held Junior

For my pieces, I decided to create work in the style of John Held Jr. For subject matter, i decided to do reflect upon the "MICA girl," as John Held junior used his work to describe the lifestyle and fashions of the roaring twenties and the famous flapper, i decided to go off of that idea and do commentary of fashion and mannerism of girl art students, and some of the styles you may see on our campus.

Beatrix Potter Illustration

I picked Beatrix Potter for this project. I decided to do two illustrations in her style. One being more realistic since she was very interested in drawing from observation and scientific illustrations. The second being in her more well-known style à la Peter Rabbit.

Like Beatrix, I used real models and sketched from life. The first bunny is my dwarf rabbit Gimli, and the second is my sister's rabbit, Quicksilver. I drew sketches of both of them while home over Fall break.

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Quentin Blake Watercolor

My illustrator I chose to research was Quentin Blake. His style is loose, cartoon-like watercolors. I followed his process step by step: