Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Howard Pyle Assignment : 
On the left is my final sketch and on the right is my in class sketch from the models... 
I plan on using neon inks and pen / colored pencil ... the background will be set in a more muted colored skatepark since the two figures are skater boys

Illustrator Research Project:
The Illustrator I chose was Corinne Malvern, she illustrated many children's books which is why I chose to illustrate two young girls.  I tried to keep the same energy and liveliness that she has in her artwork while still maintaining my own style. I incorprated small details, patterns, and flowers since she included that in most of her art as well. I tried to have a similar color palette that she would usually use in her work.

(sorry for the lofi pics, don't have a scanner)

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