Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Research Day

For my final I initially was going to make a zine about Hampden and illustrate all of the cute little stores/ restaurants that are in it, on the research day I went and looked around and sketched a few things and had lunch at Golden West Café...  When I came home I started to make a layout for my zine and started to figure out where I would place things... during this brainstorm, I decided that I didn't really feel passionate enough about Hampden and I wanted to capture Baltimore's essence and quirkiness in a more genuine way. So instead of making an illustrated zine just about Hampden I am going to make a zine or small book about the weird fashion of the people of Baltimore.  I want to go to different neighborhoods/areas and whenever I see someone with a really crazy or weirdly cool outfit I will take a picture with my phone and then illustrate it.  The book will be separated by chapters by the place that I spotted them at, for example, bolton hill/mt. vernon/ fed hill/station north etc. I hope to have at least 50 illustrations in my book.

here is a runner I spotted in an all yellow outfit in the Inner Harbor ..  he also had a son with an all neon orange outfit

A lady with three lassie dogs in bolton hill
little girl with cute accessories 

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