Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Fear 2

I decided to keep the digital and change the narrative.  It isn't really done.  I want to make the trees in the back sharper and then maybe mess around with texture, although I like the flatness of how it is right now.

Michelle's Work

This is my fear piece from last week.
Using watercolor and showing a group of people interacting.

This is my new piece for this week.
For this one I used Gouache. 

Fear Part 2

For my second fear piece, I decided to work with the figure in a "crowd". This piece is also sort of a part 2 to an illustration from last semester (see below). I'm not entirely pleased with this sequel, but I'll submit it anyways.

Fear part 2

4 animals in an interior space

Fear 2

Same medium, different subject matter (Same subject matter, minus the "mundane").

Fear 2

My thing originally was a dog and horse in an environment on two different plains in acrylic. I decided to keep the acrylic and change my subject.

Fear numero 2

I chose to stick with Acrylics and play around a bit. I dunno if the whole "fear" idea stuck in the back of my head as far as the image but here's what came out of it!

Fear Pt.2

Fear Part II

I originally had to do an urban landscape in watercolor, but I changed the watercolor to digital and stuck with drawing a city.

Fear Part 2

Previously I had to make a still life including 2 cups and a mug in watercolor. For this week I substituted the assigned subject, and kept the watercolor.

Where's the snow I was promised?

Fear hw prt II

I did a little circus bear in acrylic paints. I had a hard time adding dimensions with colour but I was happier with my subject so I feel like I did WAY better; though there is room for improvement.

Fear Part 2

I decided to stick with the urban landscape, but change the media to watercolor.

Amanda Shaffer Fears Part 2 Final

Fear part 2

I decided to keep using gouache for the 2nd Fear Project and chose environment/people to work on.

Fears I and II

Fear 2

Instead of collage I tried the prompt in watercolor and gouache.

Fear 2: The Revenge

I decided to keep using Acrylic and change my subject matter. I tried out a flat color style though, that was fun.

Fear Part II

Acrylic Self-Portrait

So this requires some 'splainin....but basically when I finished high school, my family tried very hard (and almost succeeded) to get me to join a convent and become a nun.  

St.Valerie, Patron Saint of Puns and Innuendoes