Thursday, April 18, 2013

Work Day

I'm a butt and forgot to post last night, but I've managed to finish two of my environments.
Here are a couple b&w peeks. Both are in gouache. Recently (after seeing some of Charley Harper's work and listening to what Dana had to say during midterms), I've been practicing working more simply/graphically. It certainly helps with time and management, but it's also been pretty fun to experiment with. I'm excited to see how I can incorporate these tricks in my work in the future.


Work Day

For the work day I completed my Cluttered environment, and made minor progress in my other two illustrations in that project. I couldn't get a scan, but I started sketching out ideas for the embarrassing story as well.

Tonight's Work

The embarrassing story that I'm working with involves a character who cries in a gloomy, gray room.

I'm analyzing several reference photos to get a better understanding of the marks made on someone's face when they're crying. The next step will be developing the characters that I'm putting in the space.

I plan on completing this in graphite.. or watercolor. Possibly both?

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Work day

Today I went to a study aboard meeting, then researched toy box construction, did some study aboard paperwork and did some color studies from my environments and my final.

Work Day

An acrylic painting of my figure for my final circus poster, just letting it dry now - I'm going to paint a bear separately and then Photoshop them together to basically digitally collage my images and text smoothly.

- Alyson Marteney

What I worked on during class time MB

started coloring intimate and deadly
finalized sketch, layed down masking fluid, started washes on embarrassment
figure drawing homework for tomorrow

I've been working on various things during the work day, but I was able to complete one of the environments due later. Sketches and more thorough planning for the final project have been done, too. 

Work Day

Worked mostly on moving my final from craft paper, to duralar. Changing colors a bit and experimenting with borders.

Work Day

Worked a little bit on my embarrassing piece. Just worked with thumbnails and toyed around with some character design choices.

Work Day

Have been working on a variety of projects. Here's a work in progress one on my environment pieces. The colors look bum-y on the scan. And there's a hair. Apologies.

Work Day

Finished 1 environment piece and am far along with the second. 

Work Day

Today I worked on my embarrassing story assignment. I'm debating if I should do watercolor washes, or just black and white ink once I get the background and other elements in.

April 17 Update

Today I worked on two things, one was the "cluttered" environment assignment and another was the one due next week. I plan to do both with graphite and conte with textures.

Work Day April 17th

I did a lot of paper cutting. 

I started my intimate one as well.