Friday, February 15, 2013

valentines sketch

*~pizza love~*

Valentine Sketch

Sorry I'm posting this late. My laptop was stolen on Monday and I've had to borrow computers from friends to get work done. I hope it's not too late to get some feedback! I based my Valentine on the romance of Eros (That's Cupid) and Psyche.

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Valentine's Sketch

This is the Valentine's Card sketch. I wanted to attempt to show two halves of the same whole, and get a little symbolism in there with the peacock in the eternity symbol (and also use the eternity symbol without using the plain ribbon / Mobius strip). The final color would likely be watercolor.

Geppi's, Collage, and Valentines Day sketches.

Snap's sanity snapped.
Only a couple of my quick thumbnails
 Final sketch.  I'll most likely be using colored pencil and watercolor.

Valentines Day card sketches

The first one:  is more so saying pizza is love. Sharing it with someone you love is very rare, if you're me at least.
The Second: I'm leaning more towards. I want to add doile around the word butts. I was going to use gouache and/or acrylic 

Valentine Sketch - Trace Byrd

Finals sketches & leaning towards the one on the right for movement.

Will probably stick to acrylics & gouache


valentine sketch


color study

Untraditional Valentines Day Card Final Sketch

Final sketch for my untraditional Valentines Day card. 

Valentine's Day Card!

My plan is to do a really clean-cut (tee hee puns) pride graphic illustration with collage/cut paper. yay inspiration from in-class demos!

So my idea is to cut out the image [a tessellation of the same image but the last pair is holding hands] and have a rainbow collage in the background like so:


Or should the backing be flat black for everyone and have the couple at the end be rainbowed? 

Anyway, Happy Valentine's Day, everyone!

Final Sketch

Valentine's Card
The final piece will use blues and yellows, but it will overall be pretty stark and simple.

Geppi's Visit

"The Goof"
Redesigned to be a card shark badass

I dig these fonts.

These woodblock dolls were awesome.

My paper cut portrait of Grace

Assignment 3 Sketch

I'm thinking about doing it in watercolor or gouache.

Ben C Geppi's Sketches

Sketches of text and characters, plus a sketch of a "Hellgirl" design.

When I was thinking about Love, I thought of sincerity, childhood, and struggle, so my piece is a combination of those terms. And I'm planning to use watercolor and work on dramatic light and shadow to enhance the moment. 

Valintines day card

Valintines card
Final sketch for "Love" assignment

Final will be done in ink and markers

Papercut of Laura Taylor!

Valentine Final Sketch

This is just a color mock-up for my thought process. The final will be in watercolors and possibly gouache.
I decided to go the cute (not so cute) animal route. When snails mate, they shoot "darts" at each other and somewhat look like they're hugging.
Was thinking of adding the doilie border, but I'm not sure. Any input on possibly adding the dart element to it as well? Thanks!!

BenC: Valentine's Sketches

Thinking about love while trying to avoid cliches, I thought of love as a search. I came up with two versions that expressed roughly the same idea.

Final compositions will be traced onto watercolor paper and painted with acrylic ink.

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Valentine's Sketch

"'Til death do us...never mind."  My plan is to finish this piece in gouache.

Natasha collage~

Geppi's sketches

Aly's cut paper portrait of Morgan

Sorry for the poor photo - I started over, it's clearly not done but I'm almost done with the face!....then the hair....this should be fun. haha
(Its of Morgan Bickmore, if you couldn't tell)

Monday, February 11, 2013

Aly's Valentine Sketch

So I sketched the whole thing out then played with colors and text on Photoshop.
Here's the initial sketch:
I know it's a little early to submit but whatever. hehe I'd rather not forget! :)

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Geppi's and Collage

Favorite lettering page.

Character design page: Yoda, Outlaw Josie Wales (Clint Eastwood), and horse from "Spirit of the West" poster.

Yoda re-designed as a female.

Collage portrait.

Geppi and Collage

 So I found Michael Jackson in the museum, so naturally I decided to make him into a comic book hero.