Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Valentine's Sketch

This is the Valentine's Card sketch. I wanted to attempt to show two halves of the same whole, and get a little symbolism in there with the peacock in the eternity symbol (and also use the eternity symbol without using the plain ribbon / Mobius strip). The final color would likely be watercolor.


  1. I love how these mugs work together, and that you resisted making them the exact same size, which someone less experienced might have done.

    I also really like the peacock, but when I was looking at the smaller thumbnail, I didn't realize immediately what it was. I think simply having more variation in the values to keep the different parts of the bird from blending together would remove most of the problem (color will do that as well). There might also be something you can do with the tail that makes it look a little more like a tail, getting a little more detailed with the pattern on it, perhaps.

  2. I think the image would be more interesting if the mugs differed from each other. Think about how you can shape the handles and the width of each. The peacock infinite is cool, just really focus on color to make it more readable.

  3. I love how this turned out, Laura!
    Your mugs look very nice, but I do agree that it would be interesting to vary the sizes a little bit in the shape of them.
    I'm really digging the steam coming from the top of it and thing that will translate really well into watercolor. Something that might be kind of interesting is if you could further shape the steam into the infinity. Something subtle, but continuing the theme of the shapes that you incorporated in the peacock.
    Supah neato!