Friday, February 15, 2013

Valentine Sketch

Sorry I'm posting this late. My laptop was stolen on Monday and I've had to borrow computers from friends to get work done. I hope it's not too late to get some feedback! I based my Valentine on the romance of Eros (That's Cupid) and Psyche.


  1. Sorry about the late response!

    I am ever appreciative of the inclusion of mythology into Illustration. So props man, props.
    I think what you you could use in this is something to break up the space and emphasize your composition.
    I like the lines that you're creating with the arms and where he's embracing her, so I think you could make some cool dynamism with the wings and swoop them forward into the background. (I really hope they're wings...I'm so sorry.)
    Something though to add some interesting angles. Perhaps lean them back a bit more?

    Sorry again!

  2. I agree with Amanda, I like the general pose and where this seems to be going. My one thought to add to that is I think her arms positioned oddly. She's holding her arms out in space, but there's nothing in between them. I have expect there to be a glowing orb floating between her hands (which would be cool, if not really a part of the concept).

    When I think about someone being hugged from behind, I imagine the person being hugged (her in this case) would have her arms going across her body, either holding herself or the arms that hug her.