Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Sketch for "3 Word" Illustration

This is my sketch for the project that is due for next week. I'm looking for feedback on it, whether it be from a conceptual, an anatomical, or a compositional standpoint. My words were "meow", "growl", and "poof". I have a large cat (tiger) who usually growls, but is being tamed by a circus ringleader, so he meows instead. The "poof" is where the foggy smoke comes in. I would be submitting this to a culture magazine.


  1. i duno about the meow and growl duality thing, but the tiger and clouds look good. i was a little confused with the ringleaders shadow, maybe consider making it larger or scan a shadded version so we can tell its presence.

  2. Ok, thanks. Do you (or does anybody else) have a suggestion or idea for how I could incorporate "meow"?

  3. Hrm.. Tiger with a cub? It still wouldn't technically 'meow' but... it would work without being TOO random. Yet I dunno how that would fit in your composition.

  4. I don't think the whip reads too well. at first I thought it was the tail of some prey animal the tiger was chasing.
    -include the hand holding the whip.
    -look at a reference for the whip.