Saturday, September 26, 2009

Slurp Clink Whack


Here's my attempt at my Illustration sketch. My words are Slurp, Clink, and Whack

It's unrefined in parts but this is the general idea. I'm portraying a golf resort that happens to have a lovely bistro in the back. A stretch but whack is kind of a tough one to mix into the food things. Obviously my portrayal is supposed to more funny but i'm not sure about it yet. I like clink and whack, but i feel like the kid 'slurping' his soup in the back is an after thought.

I'm totally unsure if i want to redraw the final or simply transfer it, so go all out if you don't like anything (composition, anatomy, ect ect.) I'm worried about it getting too central, and i feel like my details are getting overly tiny and are going to drive me crazy in the color stage.

Speaking of color, markers or watercolor (+ possibly colored pencil overtop?)


  1. I see what you mean about the slurp being an afterthought. i didn't even notice the kid in the background until i read it. But other then that it looks really nice. Don't paint over this though because we have to have both the pencil sketch and the final watercolor to turn in.

  2. I'm a little confused at what the lady on the left is doing... and I agree with you about the slurp being not as developed in comparison to the rest of the image. Besides that, it looks great, the composition really flows!

  3. I know, I'm actually in the process of redrawing the whole thing.

    And she's mad because a guy is hitting or should i say 'whacking' a golf ball off her cake. I moved the slurp up, and put the golf guy in the back, i think it works better now.

  4. Hey, this isn't really a comment, but if you read this, could you make sure that Danamarie knows that i'm going to be out sick tommorow. I sort of have the swine flu and i'm not sure if she'll get my e-mail cause my yahoo account is screwed up right now. thank you!

  5. I think the composition is good and really easy to follow because it's like divided into 3 parts, each part corresponding with one of your words.