Saturday, September 19, 2009

Pre-Ink Version of Article Illustration

This is my illustration with the marks and shading, I would like some feedback on it. I plan to do both ink wash and pen markings. The image is a little fuzzy around the middle because my scanner isn't that big and I had to piece it together in photoshop.


  1. The markmaking of the grass looks a lot better than it did in class. One thing I'd watch is her arms, I feel like because of the way they narrow out it's making her seem like she's falling back in space. perhaps having her arms break the 'border' of the road a little more would help? Also, I like how it's clear how you are going to use mark in the final though watch that the mark making on the figure and the background doesn't 'match' too much. Perhaps try making the marks on her torso wrap around the form more? I like the texture on the tree btw.