Thursday, September 24, 2009

Hey guys, here's a preliminary sketch for next week's water color hw. once again scaner stinks so it should be a little bit darker, but still i am gonna do another sketch this wont be the final layout. My words are Burp, Slurp, and Rip. I hope the scene comes off as a diner, in the next sketch i'll add more props like pepper shakers, ketchup bottles, fries, etc. Also i'll define the arms and hands better too . But composition-wise I am thinking of just putting the main dude and his table next to the window since there is a lot of open space there. also the guy opening his bag is cramped, and since there is a bleed im defintiely moving him farther to the left, but still leave him slightly cropped out. Also, since the piece is watercolor, i was thinking of making the tile colors a pattern of primary colors + white. Finally, i wasnt sure if bubbles are iconic for a burp, if not i can always do stinky lines, and make them green or something.

comments and suggestions welcomed and appreciated


  1. Hmm... I think I like the idea of "stinky lines" better than bubbles. I think that would portray it as a burp more so. Now that I see it smaller, I think you were right about moving it over to the left a bit more. It seems a bit cluttered on the right side of the image. Still, I really like the concept of the diner.

  2. I think you're definitely right in redrawing and playing with composition more. Also consider different angles you can take the diner from, and who you want us to pay attention most, and how you want us to 'read' the characters.

    I remember once I had to do a project that used a large scene full of characteres and before I did it my teacher made me mold out really simple little clay dummies so i could get a look at the way the characters played out in different angles in the same space. Maybe try doing this with your 'diner' with some general objects if you don't have some clay, I think that would help the composition. Moving people less out of the center would also help. I like the diner idea though, I think once you get the general idea down, adding all the little details will really make this fun.