Wednesday, September 16, 2009

illustration criticism

Hey here's my draft for the editorial illustration project. It should be darker but my scanner sucks so please keep that in mind. Feedback is welcomed and appreciated.

Btw I had the Carrollton Ridge article to put this in context.

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  1. i think it looks good jon--- i think light/lighting will be very important to this piece, making it look "real" and also interesting. it's what is going to give it substance and a voice. so far its a little "simple" (not bad, but could just as easily be a photograph of that intersection--- when youre thinking about an illustration being successful and "hire-able" think : " could they have hired a photographer to do the same?", because typically, its cheaper to do that. Anyway, really play with the light. You want this space to look cared for and taken care of, It is nighttime, yes, but you have street lights and car headlights to consider, and it shouldnt get too gotham-city-ish. yes? thanks for posting!