Thursday, January 27, 2011

an unexpected pizza

I've gotten some really awesome suggestions for other things I could do with this piece, but I was curious on the feedback from this one first :) Some of the concerns I had were does the narrative work, and is the composition too busy/not busy enough or too scattered?


  1. i really like your mark making and i definitely think this opening in the rocks and then other rocks and coral reef in the background will really create a good sense of depth

  2. Kate--- its pretty straightforward: add value and the piece is near perfect! Really, as for your concerns about the narrative working (it absolutely does) and if its too busy or not busy enough (its not--- its great). BUT, in terms of a "Final Sketch" it just doesnt have enough (or really any) value range. Its a BEAUTIFULLY executed line drawing, but moving forward, hypothetically, if this were going to be an ink wash drawing, you'd still have a LOT to figure out as you were going along in ink. Similarly, if it were going to be paint, you'd be mixing your blues and "testing" them on the canvas. It would be far less time consuming to have that "plan" established... hence, the final sketch. SO, i agree with Laura-- add some more depth in the background, via rocks and reefs, but do it as part of you also adding the full range of value to this. Underwater can be murky or clear, really dark or really light and so far, i just dont have a sense of what im to expect of this piece as a final... and i should. Make sense? Beautiful beginning. Really, really nice. Dana