Thursday, January 27, 2011

sorry its really bad quality, i dont have access to a scanner right now so im using a picture. i will scan and post it as soon as possible. the one baby that has a dark blotch on it is a monster with like 7 eyes and horns and lots of sharp teeth.

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  1. its ok amanda-- i think the picture is good enough that i can get the gist of whats going on & im familiar enough with your work that I can fill in the gaps.

    i think its a great concept, and i think stylistically its working well. i would just say two things-- one, watch your line quality (maybe its just the image)-- decide if you want clean lines or "fuzzy" lines and stick with it throughout. Vary your line weight for depth too. The value range is a little thin, so you'll want to make sure you use your blacks often enough and carefully enough so the piece has weight, but not so dark that the mood changes.

    and of course, check the perspective in the nursery... the window and then inside it look like they might be going a little wonky. the nursery also might want a little (subtle) detail-- bunny or chick or storks or flowers or something on the wallpaper-- those are usually much cheerier spaces!

    otherwise, great!