Thursday, January 27, 2011

Thats Not What I Expected (Albert Young Kim)

Christmas gifts are our forever-loving precious gifts. However one day, the baby opened its present and a baby-devil pops out when the puppy should be there! Somehow it got in and ate the puppy! This baby made itself a surprising new friend.

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  1. Hi Albert! So, this is a great concept-- very unexpected! I do have a few suggestions though that i think will help it read a little better, ok?

    1.) How important is it to you that we know that there used to be a puppy in that box and that the devil creature got in and ate it? (as opposed to the "unexpected" just being the devil in the box). If you want us to REALLY know it... a.) move the bones closer to the viewer and include, yes, the puppy skull (or just let it peel out at us from in front of the other boxes... basically spread the bones out). b.) move the dogs collar closer to us and maybe a little bigger for perspective. c.) on tags like that, the name is usually the animal's name, so maybe "sparky" or "fluffy" instead of "bob" (im assuming bob is the baby).

    2.) the "devil" isnt really THAT scary. he's kinda awkward and silly. Do you want him to be threatening? you could change the perspective a little, like putting the box between the babies legs, and have him lifting the lid and finding that inside (with us behind the box). The devil's hands are also maybe too big--- its hard to imagine him fitting in that box. Also, if a puppy HAD been in it, i'd add air holes to the box.

    3.) you can make the space look a little more "merry". Maybe bring the image in a little on the left, so its not so open and empty and put a tree in the back right, for example. Watch the text on the banner, so its more "printed" looking. OR, take the banner out and work on "decorating" more with christmas-y stuff.

    4.) the baby--- i know he's meant to be a character and not "real", but he should still be based in reality. His torso is very long and theres almost no room for his crotch-- babies wear BIG diapers, so you could give him more padding down there, which would add some height to the lower part of his body.

    So, there you go. I think if you tweak those things and then take a look at your value range (you could probably use more range, once those adjustments are made), you'll be in good shape!