Thursday, January 27, 2011

Well that's not what I expected..

One thing led to another and then...


  1. Hi Nora--
    So, first off, great facial expressions and love the body language. This seems very natural for you, which is great. The line work and the composition--- all very smart. BUT, in terms of the assignment, there's no value in here, and that's a key component in the Final Sketch. Even if your "plan" (if there weren't a specified 2nd step) were going to be to color this digitally and all flat, there is still a need for you to know where your darks and lights are going, where the light source is and how we will visually move through your piece. SO, please go back to this before you go any further and assign some value decisions to this piece. Where are your greys (more than one shade), whites and blacks going? Get that decided now, while its still in editable graphite, before you move to pen & ink.
    Very funny. Can't wait to see how it looks all finished up. (her face is priceless!). Dana

  2. thank you for your comment! could i send you a colored sketch this weekend before i start on my final?