Thursday, January 27, 2011

Well...THAT'S not what I expected...

Nothing like bringing a dinosaur to your class's Show-n-Tell to make an awesome impression...I'm pretty sure no one expected that.

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  1. Hi DeAnna, Great idea! Definitely unexpected! So, I am very curious to see what this looks like with value, because right now it takes a lot of effort on the part of the viewer to read it visually. Like I said, a big part of the Final Sketch assignment was to lay out ALL the details, including the full range of value-- so that still needs to be done, for this to be "complete". I imagine that you are used to using a good bit of color in your pieces (this looks like it would be phenomenal with the right color palette); the problem is, without planning, color can fall apart real quick and can be very annoying to deal with (and time consuming, if you are using a hard to edit medium), so please assign values to this image before you proceed with the final Ink piece. Some stuff to think about-- it looks like your style involves a lot of "extra" lines (so to speak)-- a very cool design element, if done well. So be sure that they dont over complicate the image to the point where important things are hard to define. you might want to change the word Tell into something like "ow n ell" so that the viewer can put together what is happening better. Watch your perspective within the room-- things like the hamster cage (or whatever the one kid has on his desk) and how the desks fit in the room itself. You'll need a ruler too, for all those shelves and desks and whatnot. QUite a challenge, but a great start! Dana