Thursday, January 27, 2011

Well That's Not What I Expected

Oh goodness, she just birthed a half human, half fox child in her living room...

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  1. Hi Nicolet! Ok, very funny concept. Having just recently done this, I can say it would be a HUGE shock (and definitely unexpected) to give birth to a half fox baby : ) Good job working with value there--- I still think you can push the value a little more; the piece is a little thin, in terms of getting into the image and then getting pay off from it. Look at Edward Gorey for some inspiration. I think it can stand to be a little more dramatic & darker (in both definitions of the word). Also, the composition is maybe not being used as effectively as it could be. I love that it is very "here it is" in terms of point of view, but you could probably do with less "environment"... so, think about cropping it some. Of course, another solution would be to bring us sorta over and behind mom's shoulders, so we are looking down through her legs and getting HER shock, first hand (as opposed to seeing it as an outside viewer), but that's your choice to change that entirely or not. Though, if you wanted to, i WOULD except that re-do as your second Final Sketch, instead of doing one based on a new thumbnail. Your call. If you keep working on this one, really look at the couch-- the "anatomy" of it is wonky (we lose the arm rests, for example) and the blanket isnt being used to its full potential... why is it there? to catch blood? then show us that... for decoration? make it nicer. etc. help it to really fall naturally over the couch. Lastly, the umbilical cord is very thin and very long (the real thing is much thicker and much shorter). Making it more "accurate" would also help to bring mom and baby closer together and allow you to shorten the couch and tighten up the space. Good stuff! Dana