Thursday, January 27, 2011

Paracat - Definitely NOT what he expected.

One can't be too careful when jumping out of planes, lest we mistakenly pack our house cat instead of a parachute. 
I'd like to hear back if the narrative style of this is working and if you have any suggestions to make it flow more smoothly. 
-Sarah Robbins

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  1. HA! Sarah-- nice! I think the style is great AND, sorta surprisingly, for how hard it would be to get decent reference for this, its believably drawn (in terms of the wiggly lines and the air pressure). I think the perspective is probably also good, but I have to be a stickler here... there's not nearly enough Value range for a Final Sketch-- for example, what about the sky? will there be a gradient? is it a flat sky? are the clouds? day/night? etc. you can do a lot with value and that will affect the way it reads. As will shadows cast on the characters from the clouds or the plane etc. the color of their hair or the way the cats look against the value range of the sky-- those are things you want to figure out BEFORE color. So, please go back in and figure out the rest of the value. Remember, this needs to be "identical" to the final pen & ink piece, but in pencil. So, on that note (and really only in that way), this is still a little thin. Otherwise, if this is new for you, keep going because its great! Dana