Thursday, January 27, 2011

Thats not what I expected

Deep sea adventure gone terribly wrong.

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  1. Evelyn!
    Ok, so i love the concept. Now, we want to make sure though that it gets "attention"... there's a LOT of information in this image, so a few things need to happen to draw our attention to the main plot point...

    1.) i think the scene could be scaled down a little... we probably dont need quite as much background; maybe take us in an inch on the top left and right.

    2.) there isn't any value in this at all yet and remember a Final Sketch is supposed to be the final piece, just in graphite-- so all the value should be considered, as well as all the details worked out. Think first about where the light is coming from (is this a deep murky part of the ocean or can light reach it-- lookat how light works through water, use photo reference) then build the atmosphere with lighting.

    3.) your characters-- i think the ladies have gret body language, but their facial expressions could use a little cleaning up and clarifying-- so again, use reference.

    4.) the trapped guy is great!

    good start, dana