Thursday, January 27, 2011


The scanner did some funky things to this image. The negative space has more shadow and smoke from the female's cigarette.Even so, it still is pretty empty . Also, seeing the sketch on screen instead of on paper really changes how I perceive it. And in a bad way. I know for the next skecth I'm going to play more with the composition as well as the female's expression. Seeing it on screen makes me realize it doesn't convey the story I'd like it to. And the hand. So many sketches of that hand and it still looks jank.

Man, it's like holding a painting up to a mirror and realizing it just looks totally wrong. What does everyone else think?

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  1. hmmmm... Matt... well, I'm not happy that you're not happy with it, but I can understand the frustration (it is DEFINITELY helpful to get distance from a piece and see it through new eyes). I also, admittedly, chuckled at "jank"... i dont think its jank. It's maybe not as anatomically accurate as you'd like, but its far from jank. I guess i'll say on one hand, kudos for attempting value range-- you got that part down. But, this isnt graphite is it? It looks like vine charcoal. If it IS graphite, its interestingly "smokey" which is cool for finished work, perhaps, but maybe tricky for sending a fax. If its not graphite, you're gonna want to re-do it in graphite (part of the assignment, but also will make alterations easier and less annoying than semi impermanent vine charcoal).
    I will say this though... right now, I have no idea what the narrative is. She looks like shes just a head and floating hand. He kind of looks like he might be harry potter, but thats all ive got. So, maybe this concept needs some fleshing out first. I'm happy to help you with some "re-writes" if you want to email me off the blog and let me know what you were going for and then we can go from there?

    It sounds like, at the very least, you've got a good sense of how you feel about it already.

    keep your chin up! (and feel better).