Thursday, January 27, 2011

Well, THAT'S not what I expected

My idea was about not getting your hair done the way you had wanted. I need to work on the expression and the hands.

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  1. hey lisa-- i love this concept, but you're right-- it needs work for it to...well, work! the expression is going to be key, because right now she seems ok with it (and truthfully, that hair isnt THAT bad). Can you think of more dramatic hair? or hair that NO ONE would want? Maybe crazy braids that come up into a sculpture on her head? something extreme. (plus, that'll fill up the mirror better!) it's a little stiff right now, so the "Stiff" sorta 1960s hair isnt really that shocking or unexpected. I love the detail on the chest of drawers, but that becomes more of a star than it maybe should be. is the woman in a salon? then how about a cape thing (the thing that protects your clothes... smock!) And the mirror would be on the wall or at the very least those glasses of combs and stuf in the blue liquid? think of ways to make the PLACE more clear. use good reference for it an the hair dresser. off to a great start though! Dana