Thursday, January 27, 2011

Golden Ocean

A common spiritual metaphor describes each individual as a drop of water within the Ocean of God. The ocean is warm, embracing, vitalizing, made of pure love. You immediately recognize these boundless waters as your true home.

"Water can also be understood as the world of manifest reality. It reflects the light of enlightenment. In fact, that is the purpose of manifesta
tion. But while that reflection appears to be real, it is found to be fleeting, changing, ultimately intangible".


  1. I sincerely apologize for turning in my home work late I was having technical difficulties with Blogspot :(

  2. Its ok, Morel-- its a learning curve. Im just glad you got it posted. Ok, so let's look at this--- it seems unfinished, yeah? I think the fish are beautifully rendered and the composition is really nice and fluid, so that's great. Now, I do have some questions/suggestions though-- are they meant to be IN or UNDER water? Is the figure made of flesh or is it a statue? its had to tell and that seems like it would be critical to the narrative. Remember, these were meant to be Final Sketches, so ALL the details and ALL the values needed to be addressed. Can you go back to it and keep your message in mind and define for us what the person is (it has no face... is that intentional) and if its meant to be vague, can you render it so it looks purposeful? Also, the value-- full range from white to black-- let us know where the light is coming from and where we are, etc. Its off to a great start! Dana