Thursday, January 27, 2011

mermaids in space?!
Angie Kwon


  1. I really like the expression on his face

  2. Angie! This is great! beautiful concept, REALLY great facial expressions. its really elegant looking. nice! love the mark making (that'll really come in handy for the next part, huh?). My only two "complaints" are these (and actually, they may solve themselves in one change)...

    1.) the composition feels a little split in two-- the left side, big open space, the right side.

    2.) I wish the "main" mermaid was just a little more IN the image, instead of just being a head.

    (perhaps you cna add just another inch or so up top to give us her shoulders and then towards the left drop part of her tail down?)

    and re: value--- im guessing from this that the sky will be light not black? just making sure.... if you arent sure, test it first while its still a sketch!

    beautiful stuff!