Thursday, January 27, 2011

Well THAT'S not what I expected!

by Laura Miller

You can't choose your also can't choose your babies!
There's more texture and detail I want to add to the environment. I didn't know if I should loose the door in the background. I thought it could be interesting and add more of a sense of depth if there was some discretely rendered hospital action taking place in the hallway but I don't know if it's working or not.


  1. hey laura! ha! this brings back some interesting memories (though my son didn't have a cigarette when he was born... luckily!).

    Ok, so i think your questions/concern over the background may've gotten you a little tripped up and caused you to rush past the foreground some--- its a valid concern, but it seems to me that while you're trying to figure THAT out, you could hammer out the foreground a little more and see what comes next.

    A couple things should probably happen here before you go too much further:
    1.) lets REALLY commit to these characters. The idea of a baby being "unexpected" for one reason or another, at irth, isnt a terribly original concept, BUT the way you portray it really can be! One thing to consider (which would also eliminate the "what do i do with the background" question) would be to shift the point of view. Why are WE seeing this and being shocked? Couldnt it be from mom's point of view and then we see the shocked doctor's face and dad over her shoulder AND the baby? (or from doc's perspective) That's much more dynamic and way more dramatic. (and, yes, sorta easier).

    2.) either way, you're going to need models. There's a very particular posture that mom's have at the end of delivery (feet are UP in stirrups or being held by nurses) and docs sit crouched and wear face masks... dads could be down with doc or up with mom. So, get some people to act this out for you and that way you'll have a nice solid reference to work from.

    3.) get reference for a hospital room. (i had my son at St Josephs, and i know for a fact that they have images of the "recovery" rooms on their website... Mercy does too. And im sure between that and google images, you can get really good images of the other equipment in the room). Your goal here is to make ALL of this so believable (even if it is cartoon-y or characature-ized) so that the mohawk weirdo baby is believable too, by default.

    make sense?

    so, do all that and then see what you think about the background. I think you can do without it. Besides, the door wouldnt be open during a delivery--- you could crop in a bit and just make the door shut, i think.

    great start!

  2. do you think i should try out my 2nd idea's final sketch then possibly ink that one? the concept is a girl waiting for her blind date to show up when a weird lizard creature walks in the door and she sees he's her date. I just don't want to work with a completely unoriginal idea if I can avoid it!