Thursday, January 27, 2011

Unexpected Assignment

Even pirates can spend a quiet evening at home (er, sea) with a Jane Austen novel and a cup of tea. All that wenching and pillaging really wears you out.
- Jayne Steiger

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  1. hey jayne-- great pirate face! ok, so this is a really lovely line drawing... but not quite a "final sketch" in that there's very little assigned value. So, first things first, lets make sure that you really figure that out before you go forward with ink. There should be a full range of greys in addition to white and black. There should be a definitive light source and cast shadows and highlights (even if they aren't that intense, or if he's in low or intimate light-- you still need to plot out the value range).

    the other thing is, the image doesnt *quite* strike me as "unexpected"... pirates are actually often portrayed as effeminate ( i mean, look at Jack Sparrow... he's pretty), even if they do "swash buckle" these lithe long haired, eye liner wearing guys wore a lot of jewelry and big frilly frocks with beautiful fabrics, so i wouldnt be shocked by a pretty tea pot. and the choice of book could just be circumstance of what kind of book was available during that period.

    i think far more "shocking" might be if he were having a tea party with stuffed animals and reading an ABC book or something. Make sense? These pieces are about the absurd and really pushing that limit. Can you make this REALLY unexpected?

    You've got a great drawing style, that seems like it would be well suited for such a thing. Let me know if you need help again before next week!