Thursday, January 27, 2011

Well thats not what I expected! ( michele feldmann)

Just what every girl wants to find under her bed a gnome smoking a pipe

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  1. Hi Michelle, YIKES! Thats a terrifying thing to find under your bed! ha! Ok, so definitely unexpected. Some thoughts-- I think this piece would really benefit from some reference. One thing i'm thinking is that the bed seems too low ad the blankets dont "fit" it right. I also think theres way too much "room" in the shot and not enough "girl"... if you shift us over a little more we can focus less on the non-descript (are they slippers?) in the background and more on the girls face, which is really nicely done (always emphasize the positive, right?!).
    the other thing is anatomical. Im sure you dont know any gnomes (right?) but you can use a regular person and adjust it.
    his hands and arms should be fully fleshed out in this sketch phase, so you KNOW what you're doing before the Final Illustration. Also, HER anatomy is confusing. Im guessing its because she gets cut off and you might benefit from drawing her completly and then deciding where to crop her. I cant tell where her shoulders/arms go. if shes laying on her belly and the one hand is pulling the blanket up, wheres the other arm at? And then her back--- is that clothing or under a blanket? Anyway, just shift the composition a little and give yourself room to complete the thought. Its a great (creepy) thought!