Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Illustration sketch

I decided to change to character to Lil Jon.  I'm having trouble choosing values.  My intentions are to keep it super simple in terms of the values.  I know it should be darker, but for some reason I can't seem to figure out a "value scheme".  Alot of the details are here but there's still a few little details I haven't sketched in, like possibly a "batman quilt design".  But that's minor to me right now.  Any tips, suggestions?


  1. Nevermind about the question of values, I think I found a solution

  2. daniel, this sketch is coming along great. there are a few things that i think you need to address first, before getting too Hung up on details. 1.) his mouth (and general his likeness) is great. definitely looks like a toothless grin. but you're gonna need a model (even if its you & a mirror) to get the weight of a sleeping body & clutching a bear. 2.) in terms of the values, what you're realllly asking is what your lighting scheme is... so, you'll need reference for that too. set up a table lamp in your dark room & have a roommate lie in bed. see what light is cast & how... then, use that same scenario in your drawing. actually a nightlight or a cute/funny table lamp would be a great additiona to your narrative. 3.)the composition is much better. i think the Batman quilt is a great idea, so id do it. be sure to pay attention to how fabric falls & how a pattern on it would look. 4.) before you go to final- clean up your sketch & make sure the glass, for example, is sitting flat on the table & feels solid, especiallysince its most visible. otherwise, awesome! *dana