Saturday, February 8, 2014

Valentines sketches

maybe I am confused but I thought we were posting thumbnails for feedback?...anyway, I guess I just choose one, I will most likely use acrylic.

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  1. So faces on things.
    It reminds me a lot of Mario Kart, and the Mario world in general where volcanoes have angry faces.
    So creepy, but at the same time utterly hilarious.
    For me, the two that are conceptually the strongest are the toothbrushes, and the hands.
    For me, they're representational of actual people, and their own emotions, yet they're inanimate objects with their own personalities.
    I like the idea that the hands are in pure bliss of being so close to one another. Their expressions convey this, but they're also reminiscent of the people that the hands belong to.
    But, I don't think that there's enough visual interest to carry the piece out with just the two hands as the subjects.
    So for me, the toothbrushes are much more interesting.
    They're much more interesting in so much more of a creepy way. They're toothbrushes making out? What could get creepier than that? And the poor tube of toothpaste looks so uncomfortable.
    But I like the idea that the toothbrushes are making out because it goes along the lines of that the toothbrushes belong to their own respective owners, and bumping the two parts together is almost like an indirect kiss.
    Stay with that concept.
    I think that because it's a tumbnail?
    But I want to see the setting more developed. Give them a place to live, are there other sentient appliances? Deodorant with a grumpy face all the time?
    Maybe the owners are in the shower?
    The possibilities are endless!
    But right now, I can't see things yet, so keep going
    Take care, hope you have a great weekend!