Saturday, February 8, 2014

Lovers are always thinking/daydreaming of each other! Final will probably be colored pencil.

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  1. Always dreaming of one another, that's part of being in love, right?
    The characters that you've created are really neat. They're kind of in-between being creepy and cute. I'm not sure which side I'm on honestly haha
    Your colors are going to help it be cute in that way, and not as creepy.
    What I really want to see out of this is a setting.
    They look like they're in school, and maybe that's the case! Maybe these two are in the same classroom, or different classrooms. Are there other monsters there?
    Or maybe they're penpals from far away.
    Either way, I want a little more context outside of floating heads!
    The one on the bottom helped ground it a little more. If you want to continue its setting a bit more, and do the same with the top. Separate it like you did with the floofy bubbles, that could be it!
    That little push is going to help sell this longing for their own kind of love.
    Take car and have a great weekend!