Saturday, February 8, 2014

Until the end of our world... V Day

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  1. This is neat in a nuclear kind of way.
    At first glance, I thought the narrative went along the lines that these two were scientists, and they had just sent off a nuclear blast. So I thought that the sun was supposed to be an explosion.
    But upon a second pass, I considered the rose in the chamber and the environment and realized.
    So, I would love to see a nastier wasteland. Make it gross, more burned up trees, smog, and cracked earth.
    Your color choices are really going to help this piece in us picking out that rose and the two figure amongst all of the waste.
    Finally, I know the difficulty of working with the haz-mat suits, but I really would love to see a stronger gesture with the person receiving the flower. They just got the last bloom on earth! It's definitely a gesture of caring.
    The posture of the figure right now isn't very reactive, and it fed my initial reaction that they were scientists studying as opposed to something more sentimental.
    But keep going!
    Take care and hope that you have a good weekend!