Saturday, February 8, 2014

Valentine's Day Sketch

"You blow me away"

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  1. Keegan, this is pretty precious. It evokes a lot of memories of childhood and "cootie" phase.
    The little boy's expression and the girl's shirt tug is very nice.
    I'm kind of losing the little girl's arm, and I'm not sure if it's just a simple fold for the shoulder, but it feels a bit awkward.
    I can see some faint details of a background here...and I really want to see more! A setting for the two love birds could make it that much more adorable. Maybe they're on the playground, at the park, maybe they have spectators?
    Although the two kids are the subjects, having a place for them to be will really sell it!
    I would be careful of where your dandelion tufts are drifting. They can really help move your eye around the piece, but right now, the perspective for them isn't quite there. It might be helped by the background, but you could also overlap the very front tuft over the little boy to help sell that its coming at the viewer.
    But take care, and hope you have a good weekend!