Saturday, February 8, 2014

"Valentines" Illustration Homework

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  1. Hello Mayya!
    A kind stranger orders someone a sundae? That's so much better than a cocktail.
    This is a pretty cute concept. The first thing for me is your perspective is a little bit skewed. I think this could be resolved by making the table larger. It seems like its on a slope right now, and that's the difficulty of being able to show what's on the table. Try showing a little more of the edge, and covering a little more of your lady.
    Lastly, I enjoy the idea of someone ordering the sundae for another, but I think that the difficulty is going to be showing the love behind the gesture without showing the person. The waiter is pointing someone out to her, but I think her reaction could be stronger?
    I think what I'm trying to grasp at is portraying the emotion behind receiving something from a stranger out of infatuation in a loving way, rather than in a creepy way.
    It's going to be a challenger, your color scheme might help it.
    But take care and hope that you have a great weekend!