Saturday, February 8, 2014

Valentine Final Sketch

I was thinking about a lady shark on Valentine Day.

I want to do this with watercolor for romantic background such as sky and sea.
Shark suppossed to be painted with Gouache.

I took a difficulty with the composition because I finally choose a "dangerous" center composition.

1 comment:

  1. Hey there Clara, cute shark! Shark ladies are pretty cute.
    The idea of a shark approaching you with a pearl (for marriage perhaps?) is pretty unexpected.
    Your character and idea fit well together, but I think you could push it a bit more.
    Maybe consider who the shark is giving it too.
    Maybe she's found a pirate friend to woo, maybe an octopus man. I think it could really help to see who she's giving it to to give context of why she has approached us with a pearl.
    Adding another animal or figure could help with the difficulty with the composition. Having such a central shape with a simple silhouette, and not much around it to create interest will be pretty difficult.
    Playing with the colors with the pearl could help push it forward like she's giving it to the viewer.

    But take care, and have a great weekend!