Saturday, February 8, 2014

Valentines Day Sketch!

Okay I totally posted this in the wrong spot before but I'm good now!

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  1. Hello, Chelsea, very nice sketch!
    With all of these, you have all of the lights and darks established and I have a very good sense of how everything will look in color. Good job!
    The idea of the tree house is very precious. You addition of the two bikes definitely helped it stand out from being just a treehouse.
    But it just needs that little push that tells us that those two who left the bikes are in the treehouse. Maybe it's how you handle the colors in the treehouse compared to the outdoors that makes it a "love nest". Maybe the addition of light silhouettes of figures will help.
    Something that will help it stand out as romantic as opposed to nostalgic, reminiscent of being a child.
    One other small nit-picky thing is the second rung from the bottom on the ladder to the treehouse lines right up with the road/lane. Either overlap it a bit more, or angle it in a different way, the overlap will help the perspective read better for where it's positioned in this space.
    Take care, and hope you have a great weekend!