Saturday, February 8, 2014

Valentine Day Sketch

I am planning on using warm tone colors.
I am going to use ink, color pencil, and gauche.

SJ Park

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  1. Ahhh, a moody rainy night. The perfect place for a budding romance.
    First, I want the gentleman to ditch his umbrella. It's much more romantic if he offers her the only umbrella when it's pouring. If he already has one, it's merely a polite gesture, where if it is the only one, it's selfless.
    Secondly, your figures and setting are working so far. In the back behind the lady, I want to see more interest. With the way that the bushes/shrubs are right now, it appears that they're the tops of trees, so I feel like they are on a higher part. Now I'm much more afraid for they're safety, because she's going to to up a staircase with no railing and they're so high up!
    Adding something like tree trunks, or a distant street or building can help your perspective out. The foreground feels very present, but what's behind the staircase feels so ghostly.
    This is pretty nit-picky in the sketch stage, but I want more rain! I see a few drops here and there, but it really needs to be evident. Drops pouring off of the umbrella, the gentleman's hair soaked, play it up! It's gross out, he's getting gross, but he cares about her not getting gross.
    But take care, and have a great weekend!