Saturday, February 8, 2014

Valentines Day Sketch

I am thinking of using Watercolor, gauche and maybe ink. My subject is about maternal love,  this love will always stay with you even when you are unaware.

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  1. Valentines day is such a perfect opportunity to explore love outside of your significant other.
    Having motherly love is very sweet.
    Your little girl character is really cute. Her hair and appearance alongside the state of her room really helps tell a lot about her as a person.
    I understand the context of her mother always being present, but I guess I don't quite connect why she's appearing that way.
    The objects in her lap don't speak yet to their relation to her mother, or why she has them.
    Why is she being comforted by the thought of her mother?
    Helping sell this idea will be what you put in her lap and in the box. Maybe her mother isn't present in her life anymore, so what is in the box are mementos of her, like photographs, a favorite teddy bear, etc (that might be what it is now). This could be more clear, the narrative behind why she's looking at them.
    Some perspective between the bed and wall could help your character from looking less rigid. Space it a little bit away from the wall and it could help the mother appear as a dimensional apparition, more ghostly as opposed to standing just behind her, but being obscured by something.
    Take care and have a great weekend!