Saturday, February 8, 2014


Any feedback/critique that would improve my sketch is welcome. Thanks!


  1. The amount of value and variation in line width in your sketch is very nice!
    The feedback I have is that I'm hazy on the idea behind it.
    The male face in her hair evokes images of perhaps longing for this guy, or thinking of him. But it doesn't quite come across in your treatment of his face.
    Her hair is supposed to be making his face or his head?
    Is that is the case, changing up her viewing angle could help with the sense of emotion.
    Maybe it's a 3/4 view, showing her expression, and her hair makes up his face.
    I think that the main challenge is communicating exactly the feeling that you're wanting from it!
    Some more detail/visual interest will help break it up (even if it's more hair!)
    But take care and have a great weekend!

    1. Thanks for the feedback! But I have a few questions. Since this is supposed to be a cover for a valentine card, I thought of going simple with it. I'm thinking that a 3/4 view of the girl's face might make it look like an illustration for a book. What do you think? Would it look ok if I made the girl profile view instead, but looking down and smiling? The guy would be looking at her smiling as well. Another option I can think of is to illustrate her frontal view with her hands in her face, day dreaming of the guy. Sorry for so many questions. What do you think?