Saturday, February 8, 2014

Valentine's Day Sketch

I decided to put the crazy cat lady twist on a valentine's day date. I intend to finish this in color with a limited red/peach palette.


  1. As a cat lover I am quite on board with this idea. (Dana might be another story haha)
    The stylization in this is really sweet, I can see the colors in this already.
    First, beware the tangents! There are a few places where things are very tense and bringing attention to itself.
    A lot of it is just a bit of adjusting, but the one that stands out is the lady's leg with the separation in the middle of the couch. Her leg it butted right up against it, and because of that, the arm behind it looks awkward. Almost like it is coming out if the couch. Her back also could come away or lean against the arm a bit more.
    But don't be afraid to push the cat craziness! This cat is her life, he HAS to know it.
    Some tude! Go crazy!
    But take care and have a giid weekend!