Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Map research

 For the map research project, I decided to focus on yarns and beads in Baltirmore since I love doing crochet and beading. Therefore, I decided to visit the yarn store called A Good Yarn which is located at Fells point. however, it was closed for some reason on the day I visited, so I only got to sketch the outside of the store.

I went to different yarn store located int Canton, going there by taking MTA bus from Fells point. it takes about 40minutes from MICA by bus.
the store called Balimore threadquarters, and they have different yarns, felts, fabric, and even threads!
They also had event called Yarn Bomb in the summer, which is an event to cover all the street trees and signal trunk with yarns. Also, the owner of the store told me that they always have different fibers exhibitions.

 After visiting Baltimore ThreadQuarters, I also visited the beadazzled, which is located in Charles street. it is amazing beads store which have tons of beads and pendant. I got a namecard from the owner, and wandered around the store. I bought the wire and lovely beads.

there are two more stores I want to visit in Hampden area, so I am planning on visiting them on coming weekend.

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