Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Diana's Research Excursion

My journey occurred over the course of a couple days. At first I wasn't sure where to begin, so I tried different routes towards the inner harbor. Along the way, I discovered an interesting spray paint drawing on a board leaning against a boarded up, broken house. It made a deep impression on me. The sign seemed to give off a strong, bad energy. As scared as I was, it inspired me to do my map on places which made me feel something. This ranged from bad feelings to good feelings. I felt like doing a personal map on areas which impacted me in some way or another would be worthwhile.

Knowing what direction I wanted to take helped take me to my next destination- the Mount Vernon Methodist Church. I chose this place because the church fills me with a sense of awe each time I see it; the colors and the architecture are so gorgeous. There were some people at the benches and tables; it was a little cold, but a beautiful day nevertheless.

Lastly, I went to the inner harbor. It was a bit dark when I arrived by the charm city circulator (for the other places, I walked). When I arrived, I scouted out a spot which I had walked by before when my apartment mates and I went out to go thrift shopping. Along the harbor, this spot allows the viewer to have a good view of the waves and boats. Staring at the waves bobble up and down slowly floods me with a sort of calm.

The next day was a rainy one. Because of that, I decided to take the light rail then the charm city circulator. My first destination for Saturday was Lexington Market. There weren't a lot of people there and the feeling that I got from there was sleepy and a bit depressing. It was a very similar feeling that I received the first time I visited the market; the place seems to be seeping with a sense of lifelessness. I didn't want to stay there for long, so I walked blocks down to the charm city circulator and went towards the inner harbor. There I was reminded of how warm and lovely the Barnes and Noble there is. The place made me feel instantaneously relaxed and happier; the atmosphere is very conducive for studying and meditating. Not to mention, the interior is so beautiful!

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