Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Map Research

My Idea of Map is the MICA Class&Major Map for new students. First, I checked the classes and Departments of each building by visiting the office and getting help from workers in the Office. I found out that Bunting is for Academic classes, Main have mostly fine arts classes especially Drawing. Also Photography classes are in Main. Fox is for Paintings and 2D classes such as Illustrations. Brown is for computer-related classes like Graphic Design and Animations or Environment Design. Station Building is for Sculpture. 15/15 is for sculpture and computers, but most were foundation. Gateway is for getting jobs and internship. This part took about 1hour half because I moved from place to place and talk with people. then I started to took sketches at front of each building around two hours. When I sketch them, I also considered about mediums and styles for each building. Unfortunately, rain began to drop. So I went out again on Monday morning. I started to track the route and drew on the sketchbook. It was hard because of cold weather. I felt like I am really working. This activity was hard but I enjoyed it well. One thing bothered me was that 24 hour was not enough to me! I am thinking about the style now. I want to work with less color and make everything simple and flat except Buildings which I researched. Thanks. Clara Myung

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