Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Map project - Research and Sketches

For my map project, I spent a day in Fell's Point and another day in Inner Harbor. I wanted to make a map on the places young girls can go and chill with their friends. So, I thought Fell's Point and Inner Harbor would be two good places to hang out with friends, since they both have many cool places to go. I also thought that since the water taxi is running between Inner Harbor and Fell's Point, they can easily hang out in one place and go to another place by the water taxi. I re-visited some of the places I often went in both Fell's Point and Inner Harbor. I looked for good restaurants, good picture spots, cafes, brunch places, cute boutique and ice cream/gelato places. 

Last Saturday, I went to Fell's Point with my friend and we walked around and looked for good places to eat, chill, walk around and take pictures. It took me awhile to get the streets down on my paper, because I am usually really bad with directions. So I spent a lot of time just walking around and drawing out map on my sketchbook. I also went into some cute boutiques and and other shops to see what kinds of stuff they have and checked their prices. Many of the stuff were little pricy, but there were a lot of cute things that girls would love to try out with their friends. 

Also, I found a cafe where girls can drop by to get a coffee or sit down and chat with their friends. There was also my favorite brunch cafe that I really want to include in my map. I also went to some ice-cream/gelato places and tried some new flavor. It started to rain really hard from the afternoon, so it was difficult to do sketches outside. But I managed to do it under some stores' roofs or I still just drew outside. I stayed there until it got dark to see how it is like to to be at Fell's Point at night. It had a different atmosphere from a day time, which I loved.

After girls spend enough time in Fell's Point, they can take a water taxi to get to Inner Harbor. There are also many boutiques and places to eat and chill there. There are some shops like H&M and Forever 21 that have cheaper clothes than the ones in Fell's Point. Also, they have an aquarium and also nice places where they can take pictures with their friends. Just walking around the harbor is also a good idea to spend time. When I was there, I walked around the harbor a few times and tried to record every shop I'e been to on my sketchbook. I went to the sweets shop, cake place, cupcake place, asian restaurant and also a bookstore. Also, I spent most of my time outside, sketching the sceneries. The weather was perfect this time.  

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