Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Black and White Editorial Final Sketch

This is the final sketch for my Black&White Editorial project. I was very impressed when Susan Burton shared her life stories and what she is currently doing. Giving resources and support to just-released female offenders are not an easy task. It would be almost impossible for many of those women to start a new life without Susan's help. Her story was truly inspiring and admirable. So, I wanted to depict her experience and the role she is taking in the society. In the sketch, there is a conveyor belt keeps moving forward and it is pushing all the just-released people forward and forward. In the end, they would just fall off from the conveyor belt, which symbolizes how there would be no help for them from the society. However, Susan is holding a big nest with houses inside, giving those depressed people a gentle smile. She is providing them home, protection and helping them by providing opportunities. 


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  2. This is a lovely concept and a nice way to describe it visually, the drawing just needs to be tightened up. I don't think the houses in the next are necessary, as the nest itself indicates a home and shelter. The conveyor belt should be included more in the background as opposed to the little slivers of it that are peeking out now. Also, the person just about to fall into the nest should be making an expression indicating she's aware that she's being caught, as opposed to the person behind her who can't see what's ahead and thus would be more alarmed.